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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Incredible 3D-printed 'yearbook' for the Seoul National School for the Blind

wonderful article from CNET | by Anthony Domanico | Dec 2014
YouTube video at bottom of article by AD STARS
The graduating class of the Seoul National School for the Blind in South Korea received an incredible 3D-printed yearbook so students can remember what their friends look like.

For many people, high school yearbooks serve as a treasured reminder of a pivotal time in life. But for blind and visually impaired students, the photos that are so central to the traditional memory books have by their very nature been inaccessible. Here's a heartwarming story about how 3D printing changed that for one group of students.

At the Seoul National School for the Blind in South Korea, 2014's graduating class walked away with a 3D-printed "yearbook" so they can remember the friends they made in school forever. Each of the eight students received extremely detailed 3D-printed busts of themselves and their classmates, and the bottom of each bust has a braille name tag they can use to identify their peers.

The yearbooks were created by 3D TEK, a small printing company in South Korea, and the global marketing communications company Innocean Worldwide. The Touchable Yearbook project was entered into the Ad Stars Festival's awards show where it took home a silver medal back in August. But while the project isn't exactly a new creation, we can't imagine a more inspiring story for getting in the holiday spirit. 

In the video below, you can just see how incredibly happy the students are to be receiving their first yearbook. And just you try not having all the feels.

[ADSTARS 2014] Touchable Yearbook

YouTube published by AD STARS

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