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Sunday, November 1, 2015

National Survey "Transportation Access and Experiences" accessibility of public transportation for people with disabilities

Please participate in a national survey titled, "Transportation Access and Experiences", which is designed to improve understanding of accessibility of public transportation for people with disabilities. Responses to the survey will be used to make improvements at regional and national levels.

If you are a person with a disability, you can take the survey by visiting https://unco.co1.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_00wcGeTOzGL2lQ9.

The researchers are looking for as many responses as possible. So, please feel free to forward this survey along to people in your network who have a disability.

This survey is being conducted by the ADA Participation Action Research Consortium (ADA-PARC), a collaborative research project of seven ADA Regional Centers. Learn more at www.adaparc.org.

Purpose of ADA-PARC
The ADA-PARC research has four purposes:
  1. To look at participation disparities experienced by people with disabilities post ADA & Olmstead
  2. To identify & examine key environmental factors contributing to these disparities
  3. To benchmark participation disparities and highlight promising practices at state & city levels
  4. To action-plan strategies for dissemination and utilization of findings to be used by ADA Centers and others in community capacity building & systems change initiatives
The Work of the ADA-PARC
The ADA-PARC has research teams focused on Community Living, Community Participation & Work/Economic Participation measures and uses Regional Steering Committees in each of the seven participating regions to gather, review, and choose appropriate data to achieve the project's purposes. The data are mainly from national data sources that have enough statistical power to be relevant on the local level.

The intent of this effort is to use this information to inform:
  1. ADA Center technical assistance and resource dissemination, and
  2. Community level stakeholders to increase participation opportunities in their communities.
Who is the ADA-PARC
The seven participating ADA-Regional Centers in the ADA-PARC are:
  • Region 6 Southwest ADA Center: Lex Frieden, Co-Project Director
  • Region 5 Great Lakes ADA Center: Joy Hammel, Co-Project Director, Community Participation data team lead
  • Region 9 Pacific ADA Center: Lewis Kraus, Community Living data team lead
  • Region 4 Southeast ADA Center: Katie McDonald, Work & Economics data team lead
  • Region 8 Rocky Mountain ADA Center: Bob Gattis
  • Region 3 Mid-Atlantic ADA Center: Marian Vessels
  • Region 10 Great Northwest ADA Center: Kathe Matrone
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If you are a person with a disability, you can take the survey by visiting https://unco.co1.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_00wcGeTOzGL2lQ9

#   Program of the Americans with Disabilities Act Participatory Action Research Consortium (ADA-PARC)

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