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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Illinois home-care for Seniors and Disabled determination of need remains intact, for now!

Illinois Democrats failed by a single vote to override an amendatory veto by Governor Rauner that would have changed distribution of aid to seniors and people with disabilities needing at-home or institutional care. The roll call of the vote is at this link.

Key votes in the Illinois House on Tuesday showed Democrats and Republicans still playing hardball politics and assessing blame. medical care for Seniors and People with Disabilities — House Democrats fell a single vote short of reversing changes made by Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner.

Governor Rauner’s administration was relying on executive authority to change a key Medicaid qualifying measure known as the determination of need, or DON, score.

YouTube published by Illinois News Network

House Bill 2482 would have thwarted that change and insured that people now receiving such care would not be disenfranchised, said sponsor Rep. Greg Harris, D-Chicago.

Governor Rauner recently backed off the change of the DON score, saying he’d leave it where it stands.

Harris said his bill “honors promises made to seniors and people with disabilities” and would make sure people now receiving care are not forced out of their homes — or nursing homes — as the state changes how it assesses need.

Rep. Ron Sandack, R-Downers Grove, said it appeared Harris’ was backing out of a deal he’d made with the governor’s office.

“There are some who believe a deal was made and then reneged upon, and I think that’s important,” Sandack said, arguing Republicans were making “a genuine attempt at compromise.”

Harris said while he appreciated the governor’s movement on the matter, he’d never promised he’d not push an override measure, nor was he in a position to do so without consulting with his leadership and colleagues.

The State’s letter to the federal Centers on Medicare and Medicaid Services still stands, committing not to change the DON score. In addition, the State said it wants to set up a task force to work on home services assessments.

article by Jim Watkins| Ability Chicago Info | Nov 11, 2015

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