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Monday, February 23, 2015

Silver Summit "For All": Playground for Everyone, a communities efforts including Children with Disabilities

As presented at the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, here is Rachel Stevens' beautiful documentary about Silver Summit. "For All" is a 16-minute piece following Dylan, Kylie, Melina, Tyler, Heath, Eddy and Emmett as the playground they helped plan comes to life. We hope this piece will help spread the word to other communities about the need for Accessible play, so please share freely!

For more information, visit facebook.com/theplaygroundproject and http://AllAbilitiesPlayground.org/

Director: Rachel Stevens
Director of Photography: Sarah Meismer
Camera and Sound Engineer: Josef "Tuna" Metesh
Camera and Sound Engineer: Madison Lynn
Camera: Evan Smith
Story: Caitlin Hofmeister
Producers: Jenny Montgomery and Rachel Stevens

Special thanks to the families and volunteers who made this amazing playground happen:Abigail Hood
Ana Beard
Dave Boulter
Bob Liston
Carol Blodgett
Carol Fleharty
Dara Guedem
Daria Mochan
Darren Larson
Diane Foster
Ed Boniecki
Hailey Lake
John Bohman
Justice Ender
Kari Frakie
Larry Brehm
Marsha Katz
Melissa Moss Larson
Meredith Mehne
Mike Beers
Molly Kimmel
Neil Marie Peck
Neil Murray
Sidney Davis
Silver Award Girl Scouts, Troops 3706 and 3603
Meg Traci
Kent Watson
Tamara Kittleson-Aldred
Missoula Parks & Recreation

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