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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Access Living of Chicago Results of the Candidates for Mayor in Chicago, Disability Questionnaire

as shared by Access Living, and we encourage all to go to link provided for the detailed results of  the questionnaire about disability issues from the candidates for Mayor the City of Chicago.

Dear Access Living friends and allies,

To those following the Chicago mayoral election, we have exciting news.  Access Living contacted all five of the candidates for mayor here in Chicago with a questionnaire about disability issues affecting everyone living in Chicago.  ALL FIVE of the campaigns responded with very interesting answers.  
Hot off the presses, you can read the questionnaire questions and responses at www.accessliving.org/1410ga87. Be sure to read all the way to the bottom because you will see they all had different ways of answering the open ended questions, in particular.
The results of the questionnaire in no way represent an endorsement by Access Living.  The responses from the candidates are there FOR YOU, the reader, to make your own decision about who has the best interest of people with disabilities at heart.  Please be sure to share the link on Facebook and with all your friends in Chicago to make sure people know what the candidates think about disability issues.
We are grateful to the campaigns for their responsiveness.  We are also grateful to all of our disability advocate friends who have fought hard to shape the issues represented in the questionnaire.  We could not touch on every disability issue, since every issue has a disability angle.  However, we think that the responses help illuminate how each of the candidates thinks about disability.
Remember, if you have questions about voting, go to www.chicagoelections.com.  Early voting is February 9 to 21, and Election Day is February 24. You also have the option of voting by mail on request.
 For Access Living of Chicago website, visit: https://www.accessliving.org/

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