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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Stephen Stills, Jack Black, Wyatt Isaacs perform “Sensitive” Wyatt at Rock For Autism!

The Miracle Project supports children with autism and other disabilities through art and music, giving them a creative outlet for communication, energy, and creativity.  
When Stephen Stills and Wyatt Isaacs wrote and produced the song “Sensitive” Wyatt, who has autism, had no idea that he would eventually be rocking on stage with Jack Black
Wyatt took the stage with Stills and Black to perform his song at the Autism is Awesomism benefit concert in LA

YouTube published by Everyday Health

Sensitive performed by Jack Black and Wyatt Isaacs

Outtakes of Jack Black and Wyatt Isaacs in the recording studio singing Sensitive, a song from the award-winning HBO documentary, Autism: The Musical.

YouTube published by mockingbird1817

*previously posted in 2013, reposted 2015

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