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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Young Girl with Autism Slapped by Bus Aide

New Lenox, Illinois – A school aide on a bus was caught on camera slapping a girl with autism, and now the child’s parents are speaking out.

report by Brad Edwards for CBS2 News Chicago | May 5, 2017                                                                                
In the surveillance video, 6-year-old Kayle was acting agitated when, it appears, she was struck by the aide.

A school official notified parents Nick Rushing and Madeline Norley about the incident.

“To see someone put their hands on my autistic daughter who can’t defend herself — it was heartbreaking,” Rushing tells CBS 2.

The bus aide is employed through Lincoln Way Special Education District 843 in Frankfort.

A statement from the executive director student safety is the top priority.

The parents say they’re talking about the incident in hopes that it starts a conversation and promotes better training. They say Kayle needed space, not a slap.

The family says they may take legal action.

Police are still analyzing the video and conducting interviews. No charges have been filed.

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