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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Speak Out For Human Services In Illinois! RALLY in Chicago April 27th

Our colleagues with  Illinois Partners for Human Service shared the following info, PLEASE SHARE!

Illinois Partners for Human Service
Dear Illinois Partners,
Wherever you are tomorrow you can participate! Help us share the message that Human Services needs a real budget solution.  Below you will find messaging you can share via Facebook and Twitter.  
Attend a rally from 11:00 - 12:00 in front of the Bilandic Building if you can be in Chicago! This is just prior to the House Human Service Appropriations Hearing.

If you are in-person and/or listening to the hearing please engage in social media. Tips and sample posts are below:
  • Roll Call: Call out advocate groups and individuals by name as they testify.
  • Take Photos: Take and post photos of the crowds present at the hearing.
  • Use Quotes: Post important quotes from elected officials and advocates along with a photo in social media posts.
Be sure to include as many of these addresses below and make sure to include the hashtag         #ILBudgetNow.
Governor Bruce Rauner: @GovRauner
Illinois Senate Democrats: @ILSenDems
Illinois Senate Republicans: @ILSenateGOP
Illinois House Republicans: @ilhousegop

                                                Sample Messages:
  • @GovRauner Access Living is testifying - big cuts mean hospital-to-home coordination is suffering. #IlBudgetNow
  • Teen Homelessness Advocate Jeri Linas is testifying - Pass a budget that puts people on the agenda NOW #ILBudgetNow
  • Temporary funding is NOT enough - we need a real budget for human services. #ILBudgetNow @ILSenDems @ILSenateGOP @ilhousegop
Note: posts should accompany an image
  • (For April 26th) People are hurting. I'm attending the IL Human Services Committee meeting tomorrow to tell legislators to pass a budget NOW #ILBudgetNow
  • Mental Health programs are investments in well-being for our communities. It's time to pass a budget that reflects their value. #ILBudgetNow
** Our rally will be from 11 - 12 and we will be concluding before the start of the Hearing at 12:00pm.

Thank you

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