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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

TAKE ACTION that Americans with Disabilities can live in Freedom! Tell Congress to enact the Disability Integration Act!

ADAPT is in Washington DC this week of April 10, we received the following ACTION ALERT from our colleagues with ADAPT, please take a minute to support!

While in Washington DC, ADAPT is working to secure Senate cosponsors of the Disability Integration Act (S.2427) and secure introduction of a House version.  This historic civil rights legislation requires states and insurance providers that pay for Long Term Services and Supports (LTSS) to provide community-based services first and offer HCBS to people currently in institutions.

The proposed legislation says “No public entity or LTSS insurance provider shall deny an individual with an LTSS disability who is eligible for institutional placement... community-based long-term services and supports that enable the individual to live in the community and lead an independent life.”  It also makes it illegal for a state and insurance providers that pay for LTSS to fail to provide HCBS by using waiting lists, screening people out, capping services, paying workers too little for services, or the other excuses which states have used to keep people from living in freedom. DIA requires each state to offer community-based services and supports to any individual who is eligible to go into an institution. It also requires states to take active steps to make sure that there is enough affordable, accessible, and integrated housing.  Finally, the legislation also includes new enforcement mechanisms to assure that states comply with it when it becomes law.

Tell Congress to enact the Disability Integration Act!

What is the Disability Integration Act visit:

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