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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Why should Deaf people vote? Here's why! Check out 'Vote Disability' video

Vote as if your life depends on it. Because it does. | #VoteDisability

YouTube published on Jan 5, 2016 | www.VoteDisability.org

For Resources for Voters with Disabilities, visit Vote Disability

NARRATOR: Are you planning to vote?

KRISTY: Yes. Yes, I am.

ARIELE: Yes, I do vote.

JAMES: Yes, I definitely plan to go. I must vote.

NARRATOR: Why should deaf people vote?

KRISTY: Deaf people really struggle to find work and to get equal access in the community.

ARIELE: We want to make sure that our rights in the community are protected.

KRISTY: Deaf people should be voting to let the government know what we want, and what we need to have.

JAMES: It's your opportunity to tell the government what to do for you.

KRISTY: We have been colonized by those who think they know what's best for us or what is an appropriate accommodation for us. They are deciding for us and that's not how it should be going.

NARRATOR: So, why do you vote?

JAMES: I care about access to government services, so I vote of the people who support that idea.

ARIELE: I care about Deaf children's education. If funds are allocated to Deaf children's education then they can have full access to the school system.

KRISTY: Medical situations. For example the dentist, they refuse to provide an interpreter.

JAMES: I want captioning and I want interpreters available.

KRISTY: Like for example, movie theaters, we have a very limited options we can't watch a movie the same as other people, because the captions are not always there. There are some concerts and events and festivals that you want to go to, and there's no interpreter there, and so we vote for officials who will make sure that the accommodations are met for Deaf people.

NARRATOR: How do you vote if you are deaf?

JAMES: You vote the same way as anyone else would vote, very easy.

NARRATOR: Ready to vote? Step 1, Register.

ARIELE: If you have yet, you can go ahead and get registered right here at this link, www.VoteDisability.org

NARRATOR: Step 2, Research.

KRISTY: You can look at the news, the newspaper, the TV. Talk with your friends or members of the community who are local.

ARIELE: I don't hurry with my vote. I do take my time before I make that decision. I look at things extensively, and then I fill out my ballot.

Step 3, Vote!

KRISTY: Go and vote.

ARIELE: I really encourage you to go ahead and vote.

JAMES: Vote because it's going to impact your life

ARIELE: It's important for you, for your future, and what's going on on a daily basis.

JAMES: The man who was the author of the ADA law, that the Americans with Disabilities Act, said: “Vote as if your life depends on it, because it does.” - Justin Dart, Jr.

#VoteDisability | VoteDisability.org

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