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Monday, June 20, 2016

Celebrating Illinois Equip For Equality - Accessible Transportation In Chicago: Video with Susan Nussbaum

June 2016 -- Equip for Equality is celebrating 30 years of advancing the rights of people with disabilities in Illinois. In 1985, five years before the Americans with Disabilities Act was signed into law, Equip for Equality was founded to address the glaring discrimination and unequal treatment of Illinoisans with developmental, mental and physical disabilities. Among its many accomplishments, Equip for Equality has made Chicago public transportation more accessible, helped thousands of people with disabilities move from institutions into the community, increased inclusive education for students with disabilities, enhanced safety and quality of care by improving state investigative and oversight systems, and influenced significant positive changes in Illinois law.

One of the many advocacy efforts that Equip For Equality has been a leader in is Public Transportation. Susan Nussbaum is a playwright, novelist and longtime disability rights activist, and in her journey has been with advocacy for accessible public transportation in the Chicago area.

Equip For Equality has produced a series of videos in Celebration of  30 years of advocacy in Illinois, Ms. Nussbaum as one of many activist for Accessible Public Transportation in the Chicago area, helps to tell her journey as a activist for people with disabilities.

YouTube produced by Equip for Equality

For Equip for Equality, visit: www.equipforequality.org/

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