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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Do You Support #CRPD ?? Share your story with U.S. Senator Harkin - NOW

as shared by United States International Council on Disabilities ...

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Senate Champions are committed to getting the treaty passed in 2014 -- and are speaking out! 

Senator Harkin Needs Your Help to Move the Disability Treaty through the Senate!!!

Do you have a disability and had difficulty studying or traveling abroad? Did you go abroad for work and found challenges when you arrived? Were you unable to travel at all because of inaccessibility? 

Your story can help in Senator Harkin's work to pass the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) -- by putting a FACE to why it is important!  

Senator Menendez remains committed to getting the CRPD passed THIS year!
Senator Menendez speaking at the MS Society Public Policy Conference
Click above to watch Senator Menendez speak about the CRPD at the MS Society's Public Policy Conference!

Both Senators are committed to a floor vote on the CRPD this year, but they need our help to get it done!    

The CRPD is an international treaty that eliminates barriers and discrimination against people with disabilities around the world.

Share your story about why the U.S. Senate needs to pass the CRPD this year at: 

You can also share your support of CRPD on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtags #selfie #CRPD! 

Take additional action at:

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