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Friday, April 29, 2011

Service Animal Registry of America (SARA) TM

Service Animal Registry of America (SARA) TM

SARA Certified and SARA Registered Animals:
SARA registers and certifies service dogs, therapy dogs, Search and Rescue Dogs, and all other species of service (assistance) and therapy animals, including: service dogs, therapy dogs, service cats, therapy cats, service primates, therapy primates, service monkey, therapy monkey, service birds, therapy bird, service horses, service equine, therapy equine, service dog.

To promote the use of service animals by the disabled; to increase public awareness of the disabled rights concerning service animals; to encourage and support positive federal, state and local legislation involving service animals; to serve as advocates against restrictive legislation for service animals, service animals in training, service animal trainers, and mandatory certification of service animals; to maintain a national database of service animals, service animal trainees, and therapy animals in use in the USA.
SARA Services:
Registration of Service Animals and Service Animal Trainees.
Registration of Service/Therapy Animal Trainers.

Registration of Therapy Animals.

For more info: http://www.affluent.net/sara/index.html

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